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The band was founded in Munich, Germany, 1993.
The 1st album “FIREBALL” was released in 2000 via Century Media.
Touring through Europe with bands like LEFAY, ANGEL DUST and STEEL PROPHET.
They were voted “THE NEWCOMER 2000” by the Readers of the “Metal Heart” Magazine.
The 2nd album “COLD DESERT MOON” was released in 2001 via Century Media.
After that, in 2002 a tour through Europe with BLIND GUARDIAN followed.
The 3rd album “LORD OF DARKNESS” was released in 2004 via Mausoleum Records.
The album was promoted in 2005 by a tour through Europe with GRAVE DIGGER and ASTRAL DOORS.
The 4th album “SIGNS OF REVOLUTION” was released in 2009 via Silverwolf Productions.
The 5th album “ECHOES OF A LOST PARADISE” was released in 2015 via Massacre Records.
Live shows with bands like HAMMERFALL, ACCEPT, POWERWOLF and GRAVE DIGGER.
The 6th album “WELCOME TO THE END” was released in 2017 via Massacre Records.
Concerts with bands like ICED EARTH and ORDEN OGAN.
A European tour with SERIOUS BLACK and HERMAN FRANK (ex-ACCEPT) followed.
The 7th Album “SEVEN SEALS” was released in 2019 via Massacre Records.

Believe us . . . the Hammer is coming!

The Band


Manuel Nox


Jonas Halverscheid

Guitar / Backings

Fabian Engelniederhammer

Guitar / Backings

Horst Teßmann

Bass / Backings

Lukas Lobnig