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The Band

M. Nox


Jonas Halverscheid

Guitar / Backings

Horst Teßmann

Bass / Backings

Lukas Lobnig





Seven Seal (2019)

On their new album, STORMHAMMER are back with a more modern sound and songwriting! Following the addition of the band’s current vocalist Matthias Kupka, STORMHAMMER decided that it was time to change the band’s concept, sound and image. Heavy and modern sounds are colliding on „Seven Seals“. You can look forward to thrashy power metal as well as melodic songs with catchy refrains. Harsh riffs will meet sophisticated melodies and solos. The album is mostly about the unopened vault B of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in India. All attempts to open the sealed vault failed in the past, that’s why no one knows what is hidden behind the vault’s door. Temple priests strongly advice not to open the vault at all. Lyrically, the songs often refer to the moral dilemma, thoughts and speculations about what lies behind the vault’s sealed door. But ordinary topics and themes like religion as well as myths have also influenced the album’s lyrics.

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